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Welcome to Virtual Revolution.

Our Mission, It’s Simple – Create the best mental, and physical health and well-being online platform.

– A New LIVE Rev session each weekday! Enjoy a sweaty test from your Rev Coaches in the comfort of your own home or hit the play button at a time that suits you (All workouts are catered for no equipment).

– OnDemand: Over 150 Rev sessions are saved and continuously uploaded to your Online Hub ready for you to hit play at anytime that suits you – Yoga, Full Body Blitz, Sweat Fest, Kids Sessions, Mobility, Ab Obliteration and more 🥳

– Time To Slow Down: A mixture of yoga, breathing exercises, and as we like to call it mental cool down. Oxygenate and build the immune system and feel great.

– Take our Questionaire for your 30-90 plan: Everybody is in a different mental and physical place. We want to make sure you get the Health Plan that suits you.

– Calorie Calculator – looking to maintain, gain or lose?… we’ll show you what you should be consuming.

– Macronutrient Calculator – Let’s divide up your fats, proteins and carbohydrate for each meal. Bespoke to you.

– Rev-Movement Videos: For all those aches, pains, postural adjustments and mobility.

– Mindset ‘Coach on the Couch’ Videos: Help to reform and adjust your mindset toward health and nutrition.

– Phase by Phase Nutrition Development Program: To help drop body fat, build muscle and grow your nutritional confidence.

– Rev fitness program: Still use a gym? Want to focus on a particular goal? Use one of our many gym workout plans.

– Recipes Galore! Juices, Mains, Sauces, and condiments, give them a try and let us see the results.

– Templated Meal Plans: Sometimes we loved just knowing exactly what to eat and how much of it. If that’s you, you’ll love our ready to-go meal plans. We’ll calculate your macro and energy intake needed to reach your goals, then you can choose anyone of our meal plans to help you get there.

– SUPPORT! The true success of your new lifestyle will lie in the community around you. Within our community app, not only will you have access to exclusive content, our Online Hub all our amazing members are there to answer your questions and you’ll have direct messaging access to our incredible Rev Coaches. 😊

At virtual Revolution, we want the perfect mix of easy to access sessions, variety, nutrition, and personal online support as well as the incredible online community

We’ve made our Online Members Hub accessible from anywhere in the world.
Creating an environment of support, sweat, and results.

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  • Develop confidence in your bodies ability to move, belief in your nutritional choices and most importantly, encourage those around you. Are You #RevFit?
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See the results of our many successful clients who started out just like you on this page. Don’t delay, register today.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, here is what is included when being a team member with the Diabetic Revolution:

  • Online support 24/7 – a community of people who have been there, done it or are going through it. Support is key. 😊
  • Live QnA’s each week with David, 16 years as a T1. From finding out he’s diabetic to owning the stage as a fitness model -Throw him your questions and learn from his experiences
  • Phase by phase nutritional process to help you find balance.
  • Mindset videos to help improve your health, fitness and food.
  • Access the Members Lounge, which includes over 100 nutritional meals, smoothies, and more.
  • Over 100 nutritional meals, smoothies, and more.
  • Variety of workout plans depending on what you’re looking to achieve.
  • Additional 121 what’s app support, if you so choose… (limited spaces)
  • Don’t delay, register today…

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Even if you have decided that Revolution Fitness Academy is right for you, we still would like to speak to you so you can answer any and every question you have and we can get to know you.

We are here to help you in any way we can, there is nothing more daunting than stepping into a new environment. You can be sure off 3 things:

  1. Everything we have said above is 100% correct
  2. The coaches will do nothing be support you in every session.
  3. The Revolution members will do nothing but encourage and support you – You will nee invited into a family atmosphere full of wonder people of all different abilities, shapes and size.

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