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When The Body Says NO To Goodness!

Okay. So, this blog may seem a tad personal at first, but what I want to get across is how something can affect our food and exercise choices so much, no matter how much willpower we put in to it.

The First Trimester and Food

When I first saw the two little lines on a cheap pregnancy test, my emotions were all over the place.  While AP held me, smiled and said ‘it’s our time’, I blubbered like a baby with a mixture of excitement, fear, anxiety, and generally just freaking out.  Maybe not the initial reaction that comes to mind when you find out someone is pregnant, but as we laid on the bed skin-close, all I could unfortunately think of was my previous miscarriage just 10 months previous.  If I’m being honest I was scared for many reasons, but a couple of moments in there were because I was afraid of losing the memory of something that was so unexpected, however a beautiful moment of physically seeing a ‘sign of life’ in which brought both myself and my partner closer together. However, without any physical signs what so ever, a second scan showed that there was no longer a heartbeat. Nevertheless, with such a strong network of friends and family we pulled through this dark moment in time, and I especially, found that love’s ability is so much more powerful than I ever thought.

When we first found out, we mutually decided that we really didn’t want to share the information with anyone. The reason? I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing just yet.  If we had miscarried again, yes, we would have still told people as from experience I’ve come to terms that it isn’t a good thing to live in isolation.  But at the same time, I just did not feel OK telling people yet.  I didn’t want a bunch of emails or texts asking how I was doing or how I was holding up or how I was dealing with being pregnant after miscarrying.

As with my first pregnancy I was smugly delighted that at a mere 5 weeks pregnant I wasn’t sick or ill, and kept on top of my variety of salads, legumes, and tons of fruits and veggies, and sustained exercise for a total of 90 minutes every day.  I felt invincible…and then it hit me at 8 weeks. My body felt heavy, I was constantly exhausted and not to mention the nausea and sickness that all was endured for three and half weeks. This ‘Morning sickness’ sucks. I wish it was just the morning! I couldn’t bring myself to eat ANYTHING! The sight, the smell even just the thought of food made me want to hurl, however as days turned into weeks, the only thing that slightly “helped” was the fact that I was force-feeding myself every 1-2 hours, but not the good stuff!  The only thing that signalled ‘edible’ were pizza, crisps and bread! Three things that I just don’t eat day to day. Coffee and Peanut Butter which used to be my guilty pleasure became my worst enemies.  I also never really cared if there was ice in my water, but my-god, if my water wasn’t frigidly ice-cold with extra ice at all times I would get sick to my stomach.  The ‘Robcott’ household turned from a once healthy abode, to bought sandwiches and toast for meals. As well as physically not being able standing up for more than 5 minutes, I just couldn’t stomach the smells or the thought of cooking for about 2 weeks, which meant both our diets suffered majorly. With all this said, all I wanted to do was eat even healthier than normal to maximise a healthy growth of this little thing inside of me, but I couldn’t. The body is an amazing wonder by growing another being by itself, however how and why does it hinder individual nutrition choices? Watch this space, as this is something that I’ll definitely be reading up on!

First Trimester and Exercise / Daily Demands

Before I found out I was pregnant and before that awful 8-week mark, I was walking or trail running with Nala (our princess of a dog) for about an hour every morning and doing either a Rev-Sesh or Swim every day!  Then, as I explained previously, I was hit hard and physically couldn’t get up off the sofa for two weeks, and when I did, I had to sit down to wait for the dizziness to disappear. The third week, I started to perk up a tad but felt far too week to exercise still, but after a mere 20-minute daily walk, I was done for the day and back to the sofa, trying to find the energy to stay awake. I’ve always said to myself that I would NEVER just stop exercising because of pregnancy. I’ve heard and read too much that regular exercise can help you with labour and also get back to pre-pregnancy weight far efficiently, but with those first three weeks; it did make me doubt myself!

Now that I’ve started to feel better, I’ve been walking for 45-60 minutes as well as a gentle swim daily, however I’m truly missing intense workouts at Rev and my running with Nala.  Hopefully, when I feel stronger and a lot less tired, I’ll introduce strength and flexibility work back into my routine.  Did I mention I miss working out with Revolution Fitness Academy? AlI I keep thinking about is those ‘already Mums’ with a few toddlers here and there craving attention and needing feeding and watering! Surely, they couldn’t have suffered as much as I did? Surely, I’m just one of those one in a million kind of moments? … Maybe Not?? Hahah!!


First Trimester and Clothes

I’ve never claimed to have a highly-developed sense of fashion, although I do believe that I know what looks good when I see it.  In fact, most days you can find me in running leggings and a tank top with probably a hoody …it’s kind of my uniform.  In the days of morning/all day sickness I rocked this outfit like none other. Now that I’m starting to get a little bigger (but feeling HUGE) I am starting to realise that I may need bite the bullet and invest in to larger clothes, especially sports bras which is something I’d never do or admit pre-pregancy! I’m going to be honest here again with you all, I am very conscious of appearance and weight (as like most women), so the ‘getting bigger’ stage is something I am struggling with. Of course, I appreciate my body for firstly getting pregnant twice in the first place, to actually growing a child in the space of nine months, but the thought of changes happening that I’m not used to is very daunting. However, all in all, this is perfect motivation for my post-partum journey and I’m already looking forward to it, especially by training and sharing it with my Rev-Family.

So, at the moment, that’s all I have to say (or was it moaning?) J Pregnancy is an extraordinary thing as I’m still finding out on the way, affecting choices, (especially food) emotions, and your daily routine. Let’s see how the next six months pan out shall we .. BRING ON THE GREEN VEG!

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