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Pull Ups. Let’s Break Them Down … Rev.Style!

Ever caught yourself gaping at those lifting themselves up to an 8ft bar at the gym just wishing you could do the same thing? Well, why can’t you? Don’t know where to start? Read on and you’re sure to end up showing everyone in the gym your new trick!

Step 1: Jump from a Bench or a Box:
Why? What’s this got to do with a pull up? It’s all about getting used to holding your weight at the top of the bar – That’s all we want you to do to start off with! Whilst using an underhand grip keep you neck straight and your shoulders down, squeezing your shoulder blades together and hold. Remember; practise makes perfect on all steps! Perseverance and patience!

Step 2: Hold and Lower:

Once you’re comfortable at step 1 in holding your weight at the top of the bar, move on to lowering yourself down steadily. It’s VERY important that the movement is controlled. Keep your spine aligned and try not hunch your shoulders around your ears. Engage your back and core as well as your arms.

Step 3: Add a Resistance Band:

Using a looped theraband on the bar, hook your knees and practise the complete move. Ensure you keep your form and don’t rely too heavily on the band. The level of resistance can be changed until you are able to do your first pull up, unassisted without the theraband! And BOOM! You will be on your way to pull up after pull up! J

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