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Rev Returned to the field Monday 01/06/2020.

Our coaches have all taken a certified Online Course to show they understand and can implement the required guidelines. It’s not much, but it’s our way of showing you, everyone’s safety is paramount.

So, as part of being part of the Rev Return movement what’s included;

You’ll have full access to our Virtual Revolution and it’s Online Hub, which includes;
– Yoga
– Blitz Workout
– Weights At Home Sessions
– Over 10 Live Sessions each week
– 3 Live ZOOM Sessions
– Mobility and Breathing Sessions
– ‘Intro To Exercise’ Video Series
– Our Signature System Reboot
– Rev Movement, to remove aches and pains
– Coach On The Couch mindset video series
– Calorie Calculator, based on your goals
– Macro’s Calculator, based on your goals
– Measurement and progress tacker
– Online Support Team.

And so much more…

Plus… We have more to come, very soon;
– Meal planning and tracking.
– Our very own App with live streaming.
– Personality Quiz to help you get the most out of the Online Hub based on your mindset and what you’re trying to achieve.

That’s just with Virtual Revolution!…

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Rev-Return is only phase 1 of our rebirth – As we progress and we can offer more sessions with various session numbers, you’ll see our roster of sessions such as The Academy and Rev Outdoors return.

Rev Return Sessions;
– Sessions will take place at the Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club.
– It will be Small groups with 2 Rev Coaches – For maximum coaching and safety!
– 8 sessions will take place each day, giving you 40 sessions a week!
– You’ll have no idea what you’ll be doing until you turn up.
– Everyone will be kept at least 2 meters apart plus we have a Warm-Up, Main Session and Cool Down Zones for further safety precautions.
– All equipment used will be disinfected between sessions.
– You’ll be able to workout 3 times per week. 🙂

Wooohooo! And this is only phase one!


Contact us today, ask questions, and then get started on our 12 week health plan!

Feel free to WhatsApp us directly right here – Rev WhatsApp

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