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Ross Dawson – ‘losing fat and building lean muscle…’

When I joined Revolution Fitness I had been steadily losing weight by adjusting my diet but never really stuck to it for any length of time. 2 steps forward 1 step back springs to mind!

After the initial meeting with Adam, the 2 week Detox, the first weeks of sessions I could tell that this was going to be the perfect way to achieve my goals.

The sessions are tough but incredibly rewarding especially once you see those results starting to show. Whether your aim is to feel fitter or healthier, being able to wear those jeans that have been taunting you for years in the wardrobe or overcoming injury, the coaches help you realise them in a way that is individual to your own capabilities and training thresholds – which they know instinctively (it’s scary really!)

Without the support from the guys I would not have got as far as I have, self-motivation was a real struggle with me before ‘joining the Revolution’. All 5 members of the team have been paramount to me feeling like I can finally reach those long awaited goals and set new ones for myself along the way. For me personally it is about finding a manageable long term lifestyle that allows me to keep feeling healthy, losing fat and building lean muscle, without having the preaching/guilt/pressure of some “diet regimes”.

I would recommend anyone to join the Academy – any size, shape or ability, the coaches will be able to make you sweat and ache equally!! In the best possible way of course. The results really do speak for themselves


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