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Lorna Bell – ‘I hated looking at myself in the mirror…’

I joined the Academy back in June 2014. My youngest daughter was 8 months old. I was feeling so miserable about the way my body looked and felt. My confidence and self esteem had hit rock bottom. I hated looking at myself in the mirror, buying clothes was depressing and having my photo taken usually meant hiding behind someone else.

Throughout my life my weight has always been up and down. I tried groups like Slimming World, eating Weight Watchers ready meals, I took weight management pills, I downloaded apps that encouraged me to restrict my daily calorie intake. Non of these worked for me. I became obsessive about measuring my food intake and was constantly feeling hungry which lead to me binging on food I was trying to avoid.

As a mother I have many responsibilites, one of them is to be a role model and example to my daughters. I knew that secretly and shamefully taking slimming pills, calorie counting and jumping on the scales every couple of days wasn’t an example I wanted to set, especially with a teenage daughter. I wanted to achieve results the right way.

Revolution Fitness academy haven’t just helped me to achieve a body to be proud of, they have completely reeducated my attitude towards food. I put in 100% effort and got amazing results. I’ve never been fitter, healthier or leaner in my life. For me the results I’ve achieved haven’t just physically improved my health, they’ve mentally improved it too. The  classes are still challenging and fun, the personal trainers at Rev Fit have always been so supportive and encouraging when I’ve felt like I’m struggling. I’ve made lots of new friends who always make the classes so enjoyable.

Huge thank you to Adam P, Adam W, Dave and Sean for your constant support and encouragement. You truly are an awesome bunch x

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