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Is Water REALLY That Important!?

Besides the fact that you’d literally die without it, there are many, MANY crucial reasons to drink water frequently every day. It starts out pretty mild when you might feel thirsty and have a dry mouth, but the long-term effects of not drinking enough water not only have an effect […]

Can You Be Too Lean For Pregnancy!?

I was in complete shock after attending my 36-week midwife appointment last Tuesday. Fortunately, everything is perfect with Bump and myself, but it all started when I had to be weighed for my referral for the Birthing Suite at the West Suffolk Hospital … Can you see where this is […]

Detox Teas. Do They Work? And, Are They Actually Safe!?

So, this week’s blog was inspired by a very close friend and her although VERY funny, yet embarrassing and unhealthy experience in which she shared with myself and a few others the other week… We’ve all heard about it, or even been personally interested in the well-known; ‘Detox Tea’, ‘TeaTox’ […]

Give Me a Reason Why Woman Store Fat More So Than Men?

It’s a mystery that has confused us women for years of our apparent ability to store fat more than men, despite eating somewhat fewer calories! It seems like we get all the short straws in life doesn’t it!? So why DO we store more fat? Well, alongside some studies, Rev […]

The 5 Most Underrated Exercises Rev DOESN’T Take For Granted!

All you have to do is Google it, and you’ll find hundreds of moves and variations of exercises for those ‘trouble spots’ that we all just want to send packing … However, we’re all different and those trouble spots are more than likely the last to go! So why spend hours upon […]

Get Up and GO!

It’s a lot harder at 7 months pregnant, but I’ve always said to myself; ‘If I work out early morning – my brain doesn’t have time to think what I’m about to do, leaving me no choice NOT to back out or find another excuse … (like I have one […]

Does Eating Fat, Make Me Fat!?

Does eating extra fat via ‘Fat Bombs’ and Bulletproof Coffee make you fat? Here’s the short answer. Yes and no. – Not the answer you wanted I know, but let me explain … If you are naturally slender, then eating fat will not make you fat. If you are obese […]

How Hypermobility Can Affect One Exercising.

While I was trying my best to do some sort of exercise with a 7 month-bump attached to me, I saw one of our members last week working out independently alongside Rev. We went on to speak about an injury she’s been putting up with and it spurred me on […]

Pull Ups. Let’s Break Them Down … Rev.Style!

Ever caught yourself gaping at those lifting themselves up to an 8ft bar at the gym just wishing you could do the same thing? Well, why can’t you? Don’t know where to start? Read on and you’re sure to end up showing everyone in the gym your new trick! Step […]

Spinach. Why We LOVE It So Much!

Recently, superfoods have taken the spotlight everywhere! We’re constantly turning to the next big trend to determine what we should be eating be it algae or a fungus! But what about some of the healthiest foods that we overlook and take for granted that are in front of us every […]

Alternative Sweeteners. What’s the Risk?

Alternative Sweeteners. What’s the Risk? Further sugars come in numerous forms other than just your simple table sugar, and the dreaded high-fructose corn syrup. Alternative sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey, agave, and coconut sugar are promoted and sold as “natural substitutes’ and often publicised as healthier alternative. Yet what […]

The Importance of Sleep

We all know that sleep is a necessity. It gives your brain a good clear out, and prepares you for the following day, basically using it as a method to clean itself. How? Well, the Glymphatic system is highly active during sleep, clearing away any toxins that could build up and […]

The Psychology Of Injury: – My 5 Top Tips On Recovering From a Serious Injury.

For the majority of people, the fear of injury hinders them from taking part in any form of exercise, and for those of us who do exercise, you will either know someone who is carrying some form of injury or you yourself have sustained an injury. Little et al, (2013) […]

Statins. A Health Risk In Itself.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that more than twenty-five percent of adults age 45 and older take statins. Statin Drugs are prescribed by Dr’s to lower cholesterol and are among one of the most frequently prescribed drugs. What’s more is that patents advised to take […]

Two Foods That You May Think Are Healthy, Yet AREN’T!

Okay, so you don’t eat chocolate anymore, but you what if you’ve replaced it with something that you may have thought relatively ‘healthy’, but actually the snacking on these two bad boys aren’t actually doing anything for you!? Rice Cakes. Yes, they may be versatile, and low-calorie, but, they also lack […]

Indian Takeaway’s

This week, our Rev-Coach; Liam Trickey has written our weekly blog! With his background in nutritional knowledge, read on to what he thinks on Indian Takeaways .. We all love the taste of the foods we shouldn’t eat and always like to ‘treat’ ourselves to a takeaway every once and a […]

Eat The RIGHT Stuff. Feel Satisfied. 

Eat The RIGHT Stuff. Feel Satisfied. Throughout the Re-Boot, and hopefully throughout your day to day diet afterwards, Revolution Fitness supplies you with recipes and meal plans that are designed to keep you feeling satisfied. Some foods are packed with nutrients that help to nourish your body, but they just […]

Why Don’t We Eat More Of This Stuff!?

What has more protein in it than red meat? What has more calcium than milk? What has been used as a super food by the Japanese for thousands of years? The Answer …?? SEAWEED! And guess what!? There’s not just one type of Seaweed. Nope … Have a read of […]

How To Survive Phase 2. AKA Vegan Week!

Okay, so Phase 1 is over, and now it’s on to Phase 2. No animal produce WHAT SO EVER! Yep! That means no meat, eggs, or dairy! It could seem a bit daunting to start off with, so I’ve tried to think of ‘panic’ situations in which you may come […]

New Year, New YOU!… If You Can Be Bothered!

We’ve either lived in sweatpants and hoodies or Pj’s all Christmas, and now that it’s back to routine we better start thinking about getting back into the swing of that so called ‘exercise marlarky’, as at the moment; anything seems more appealing than braving tight lycra – even if you […]

When The Body Says NO To Goodness!

Okay. So, this blog may seem a tad personal at first, but what I want to get across is how something can affect our food and exercise choices so much, no matter how much willpower we put in to it. The First Trimester and Food When I first saw the […]

Is Your Metabolism Out of Whack!?

Metabolism. The key to success. Why? Well it’s primary function is to convert the food you eat into energy. We all take it for granted, especially over the festive period, but it’s sad to say that it is trie that as we get older our metabolism decreases, increasing the percentage […]

Revolution Has Found a Revelation!

If you’re anything like me … Nut Butter is Life! But, on a scale of 1-10 how frustrated do you get when you spend 10 minutes (slight exaggeration), stirring it to re-mix the oil and butter together using your biceps like no other?? Sometimes I really do have to think […]

How Do You Like Your Avo!?

Because who DOESN’T love an Avocado!? Breaka, Lunch, Snack or Dinner they’re always there for us. Waiting to peeled and eaten. But how do you eat yours? Here’s Rev’s favourite’s … Guacamole With ALL The Extra’s! Guacamole. Probably the easiest recipe out there! But maybe you fancy something extra in […]

More Sex Is Good For You!

Google “sexual health” and you’re most probably bombarded with pages from sexual norms and advice on relationships, birth control, and pregnancy, to information about STDs and how to avoid them. However, what isn’t easily found is the physical and psychological health benefits of sex. So, let’s explore more on that, […]

Does a Therapy That Leaves Bruising Really Benefit You!?

Remember last year’s Olympics? More Specifically, do you remember those perfectly formed Swimmers with the unforgettable ‘V’s, who were sporting those big, black perfectly shaped circles on their well earnt ‘temple’ of a body? No, they didn’t ‘pump’ themselves up so much by hitting their own muscles a little too […]

The Kettlebell.

For as long as we remember, Barbells and Dumbbells have long been the primary equipment of an effective training program. And trust me – I’m not denying that! The results show for themselves when they’re used to build strength, muscle, and overall sculpt an impressive physique. However, cue the ‘newer’ […]

Time To Re-Think To How You Stretch!

There’s a reason why our Rev.Coaches incorporates a modified lunge with a twist before every session. If we suddenly think of ‘Stretching’ we automatically have a picture of us reaching for our toes, right!? Here at Revolution we want to change that. ‘Static Stretching’ is a thing of the past […]


You either LOVE them or HATE them … And in our House, we probably take love to another level by having them most days. They add unique flavours and textures to vegetable dishes, and are delicious paired with fresh herbs. Combining mushrooms with onions, green and cruciferous vegetables and beans, creates delicious, healthful, […]

Want To Improve Your Cognital Health? EAT The RIGHT Things …

It really is amazing how powerful food impacts on our health. Studies have shown that Blueberries improve memory and dark chocolate can improve concentration, however did you know that 99.6% of pharmaceutical drugs developed to combat neurological diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have failed!  Do we have your attention? […]

Never Mind the Avo Stone. Make Way For The Banana Peel!

Yes. You heard me! Apparently, the skin of a Banana is the new Superfood! Why? Well, it’s packed full of antioxidants like Vitamin A, Lutein and B Vitamins which keep our metabolism revved-up to the MAX! Even the Fibre content is more than the Banana itself; keeping us satisfied until […]

Struggling With DOMS?

Although DOMS or ‘Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness’ hinders our walking abilities, prevents us girls to tie our hair up in a high bun, and really makes us think twice parking in a disabled parking space, it is often overlooked by us all when it comes down to the management […]

The Dreaded Treadmill …

As a member of Rev, I bet you all have grown NOT to love the tedious cardio side of exercise. Am I right? Remember the days when you were a part of the local Gym, and all you felt comfortable doing was an inclined walk or a jog for 45 […]

4 Foods with More Protein Than a Chicken Breast

We all know that an Organic Chicken Breast is incredibly lean, and roughly has 31 grams of protein per 100g. But every once in a while, you might get bored of chowing down on the same old bird, or maybe you’re in the second phase of our Re-Boot which means NO […]

‘I’m Bored! … Pass Me The Pack of Hobnobs!’

It used to just be ‘Elevensies’, but now it’s turned to on the hour, every hour snacking! Sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it, maybe you’re not even hungry and are just snacking because the kids are or even your colleagues next to you? It’s time to regain control […]

Why Men Have An Easier Time Losing Weight Than Women

When partners decide to lose weight together, it’s common for the man to lose more weight, and far quickly, than the woman. Not fair right!? This can be frustrating for women who feel as if their nutrition and exercise is on point. So Why? Rev.Fitness Explains What We think Are The […]

Why Can’t I Sleep?

As all of you experienced the other week, due to his lack of sleep; AP decided to take it out on us and make us all suffer in sessions! I mean; most normal human beings are sluggish and lethargic when they have a lack of sleep … But AP!? Well […]

Revolution’s Favourite NATURAL Pre-Workout Vasodilators!

Thinking about getting a Pre-Workout!? DON’T BOTHER! It’s an expense you don’t want to get yourself into, and plus – have a look at the ingredients and see if you can pronounce half of them! … You know it’s not good when that happens! But why do we consume it […]

A New Addition To The Grocery List … Pomegranates!

Pomegranates. Something I don’t really incorporate in my diet, but after some reading; I think I may have to! Let’s see what’s what with this vibrant and nutrient-rich fruit! Pomegranate’s contain a unique and powerful antioxidant called Punicalagin, and with this being the richest antioxidant within the fruit it’s responsible […]

One For The Ladies … Sufferer From Menstrual Cramps? Try Ginger! 

A blog for the Girls out there this week … Why? Because we all think Migranes are common, yet only 12% of the population actually suffers from them! Period Pains however, affect 90% of young women all around the world! It’s that time of month again. Constantly hungry, irritable to […]

Coffee. Does it Matter Which Type You Buy?

We’ve all heard that in moderation, caffeine can actually be beneficial to our health and there’s more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ within it as it were! YAY! Continuous research has shown that coffee can lower the risk of certain types of liver cancer, type II diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, as well […]

Are Supplements Superior to Foods?

Now this question is rarely voiced, however, it is in-fact ‘assumed’ and acted upon. But, why is it? Well, one argument that’s been brought up is that the demand in farming has led to soil depletion, so that our vegetables and grains actually aren’t providing us with enough vitamins and minerals. […]

Fasted Cardio. To Do or Not To Do!?

Now, before I start, and like most blogs I write; Fasted Cardio is a BIG subject to touch upon as there are so many conflicting studies and findings based on the matter. But what the heck!? Why not touch on it eh?  Some people swear by fasted cardio, whereas others […]

Fitness Trackers. Are they Accurate? Are they Worth It?

If you’re anything like me, you feel completely naked without that digital, bleeping device around your wrist. Despising anything ‘latched’ on my wrist such as a watch or a hair bobbles for most of my life, it went away four years ago since I had my first fitness tracker. It […]

Why Doesn’t Alcohol have Nutrition Labels?

So, we all know that if it isn’t grown from the ground, food and drink MUST have a label on the packaging; explaining the nutritional ingredients it contains. In fact, after the FDA regulations law in 1990, it is illegal if it doesn’t! So how come Alcohol doesn’t have to […]

Long Term Ketosis and it’s Dangers!

Before I go on, this isn’t an excuse to go grab a loaf of bread for lunch! I want to discuss the dangers of an intense long-term Ketogenic Diet, and NOTHING less. What is a Ketogenic Diet? A ketogenic diet is a diet that is high in fat, moderate protein, and involves […]

Juicing Part 2 … It Just Seems Such a Waste of Fruit and Veg!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you DESPISE waste; even so, that there are meals in my house made up of the strangest concoctions ever! So, when we carry out the dreaded job of cleaning out the Juicer and throwing away all that fibre-rich ‘mush’ as it were, we can’t […]

Juicing Vs Blending

So, for those of you that follow us on Instagram, you’ll know of #nalasjuiceoftheday. We provide you with a different Juice a day in three stages. 1) The Ingredients. 2) The Juicing. And 3) The Final Result, all of which are modelled by a cute little Dalmatian; Nala the Rev.Mascott. […]

If I Just Work on Abs, I’ll get a Six-Pack Right!? …. WRONG!

We all strive for the flat ‘washboard’ stomach, and as a result we constantly ask the five Rev-Coaches to work on abs – (That or it’s the only thing that isn’t suffering from DOMs from previous sessions!) But if you ask any one of them what exercises they do to […]

May’s Member Triumphs!

Wowza! So, it’s only the second week in May and some AMAZING achievements have taken place for some Rev Members! As most of you know, our very own Rev.Coach; Adam White, accompanied members Lorna Bell and Becky Harvey-Ever’s in a gruelling, (to say the least,) 20 Mile, 200 Obstacle Course […]