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Join the Online Nation, showing people the evidence based method to losing weight for a lifetime.

Our Online Nation, at just £3.99 per week, will give you a constant stream of evidence based methods to cut the crap and create a happier, leaner you!

We have helped hundreds of people drop the lbs and understand just how simple it can be to make a change to your waistline and smile for a lifetime.

We are so excited, are you ready to find nutritional confidence?

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Food, drink, willpower, cravings, mindset and health... We'll be there every step of the way...


Why is Revolution Fitness Online Nutrition different?

  • Revolution System Reboot – Phase by phase, we’ll show you how to lose those inches and #RevFitInYourJeans.
  • Food Food Food – Over 100 different yummy meals, smoothies, juices along with bonus cookbooks, all divided up into sections so we can tell you which ones to try and enjoy.
  • Revolution Coaches On Hand – Ready to respond to your queries. Relax, it’s all a learning curve.
  • Join Our Community – Full of normal people, all boasting nutritional confidence, feeling great and supporting each other.
  • Coach on the Couch’ – Our video series to help you with cravings, positivity, willpower and all those tricky nutrition pitfalls. You can even request the topic for the next video.
  • Workouts On Demand – Whether it’s a personalised gym routine or speedy workout cards, log-in to the Revolution Hub, visit Rev-Workouts inside to get yours.
  • Move Right and Remove Pain – Our Rev-Movement section give’s you ‘how to’s’ on exercises and injury prevention.
  • Oh… and you’ll meet our friend, Arnost. 😉


What happens next?

1. Click on ‘Lets do this’ at the bottom or top of the page
2. Sign up
3. Lets us sort out the running around
4. Submit your starting photo, receive your the Intro phase and contact from your Nutrition coach within 24 hours
5. Receive your first phase, Start the new journey to healthier, happier and nutritionally confident you.
6. New phases will be sent every 3-4 weeks.
7. After phase 4, submit your new progress photo and await feedback to continue to progress.
8. Revel in the new, nutritionally confident, health, lean YOU!
9. We continue our support and care, for lasting results.