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Revolution Has Found a Revelation!

If you’re anything like me … Nut Butter is Life! But, on a scale of 1-10 how frustrated do you get when you spend 10 minutes (slight exaggeration), stirring it to re-mix the oil and butter together using your biceps like no other?? Sometimes I really do have to think twice not to revert back to the cheap peanut butter that takes 10 seconds to spread on top of my banana!

But why is this? Well as you know, natural brands such as ‘Meridan’ and ‘Pip & Nut’ are made up of just nuts -whether it’s Peanuts, Almonds or Cashews and no added nasties! But because of this, this often means that the natural oils of the nuts separate into a thin layer at the top, and leaving the dry oil-starved butter at the bottom.

If only we could just spread the contents of this tub of heaven generously on that banana, or slice of Ryvita without pulling it all apart trying to ‘slap it’ on evenly to the edges evenly! Well … WE CAN! The answer!? Store the bloody thing upside down! Why haven’t I thought of this earlier!? By putting it back in the cupboard this way, the oils rise to the top and the nuts to the bottom, naturally combining the two ingredients without you having to so much as stir it. Life is completed! 🙌


How Do You Like Your Nut Butter!?

  • Spread over fruit!?
  • In a Smoothie?
  • Swirled into Coyo Yoghurt?
  • Used as a coating within a stir fry?
  • … Or just with a spoon!? 😜

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