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Welcome to Revolution Nutrition.

We believe in a lifestyle approach to nutrition, results, and ultimately your health...

...To help you achieve the results you’re looking for and create that long-lasting lifestyle change, we provide a bespoke meal plan tailored completely to you.

We first need to learn about you, your personal objectives, preferences, starting measurements, current obstacles and previous health experiences.

We then construct your meal plan, including water intake, weekly activity, sleep pattern and exercise regime.

After this, we’ll send you your presentation and walk through via video, to take you through your meal and lifestyle plan, showing you your full macro and micronutrient breakdown, exactly what you’ll be eating form day to day, activity challenges, and how to relates to your objectives.

This is then sent to your app...

At the click of a button, you’ll be able to see and record your meals, water intake, and our app links to all fitness trackers so all daily steps and exercise will automatically be recorded for you.

Each meal you follow according to the plan, hit the smiley face button to show you’re sticking to the plan and take a food photo to help us help you that little bit extra.

Don’t like a meal or consume something off-plan?... No problem, hit the ‘sad face’ next to the meal, tell us what you did eat and take a food photo to go alongside it.

Here’s the really great part...

As part of the active support, our coaches can see everything you record in real-time... and... you can reach out to them anytime you like via your app;
- Request an appointment
- Send us a message
- Request a meal plan adjustment

Each week we’ll ask you to submit your latest measurements to help us monitor your progress.

However we can help your success, we will.


Here is a quick summary;

Step 1 – Click the button below and complete our initial form.
Step 2 – One of our Nutrition Coaches will contact you to confirm some information, listen to your needs and objectives.
Step 3 – We construct your meal and lifestyle plan.
Step 4 – Presentation time, we’ll set you up on the app for our active support and show you exactly what your plan entails to achieve your results.
Step 5 – Now the fun begins and you start following your plan.
Step 6 – Active Support, Our app helps us track your progress and you can reach out to us anytime.


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