Prevention is better than the cure.

After helping hundreds of adults reclaim their confidence with food, health and body image, we have been moving into schools, speaking to children and young adults about nutrition and how it can effect their performance.

We want to help develop a new generation of people that understand how to optimise their health in a world of misguided, industry driven information.

Our nutrition talks are designed to connect with the children and young adults, give them information that ‘hits home’ and plenty of take home tips they can put into action straight away.

There is no point in giving information with no access to an alternative.
So Revolution Fitness has been working with school catering company, Edwards and Blake, to provide alternative food options that boasts fresh nutrient dense, performance boosting ingredients.

The new ‘optimum’ range provides a mixture of high quality Fats Proteins and Carbohydrates with plenty of flavour coming from the home made sauces that company them.

We hope to assist in the development of a nutritionally confident generation, as well as improve both the mental and physical
performance of school children, all through nutrition.


If you have any questions, or would like to speak to anyone from Revolution Fitness, email us at or click on the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

‘Our Results Are Your Reassurance’