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Welcome to our 90 Day Slim and Trim Plan.

Fill out an application, we’ll adjust our plan for you, track via our app, witness your results.

It's simple;

1. Complete an application so we can learn all about you.

2. Let us adjust portion sizes for you and suggest timings.

3. Receive access to our app and select the meals you wish to follow.

4. We can track your progress, results, and what meals you’re choosing to eat, whilst sending you reminders and keeping all of your recipes in one easy place.

5. Complete your 90 Slim and Trim guide, send us your results and you'll receive a complimentary 'AreYouRevFit' t-shirt.


We will help guide you, give examples of meals, adjust portion sizes for you, allow you to track your progress, and be on hand to answer questions whenever needed.

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Let’s Go