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Smoothies! What’s all the hype about!?

NutriBullets, NutriNinjas and Blenders all do the same thing; throw some fruit and veg in there and watch it mix into a thick, refreshing and filling drink. But why are we all suddenly making smoothies now? Can they really help us ‘detox’? And are they actually as wholesome as they say they are? Well the answer is yes … IF you do it in the right way!

For some of us, consuming the daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables can be a challenge, especially if our daily routines restrict us from inputting thorough thought into each meal. But by blending a couple of servings of each into a smoothie helps ensure us to meet our nutritional needs – and the best part? It takes less than 5 minutes to both prepare and make!

The real question that we really want to know is can they really help us to lose those unwanted pounds, reduce our fat percentage and even rid us of those so-called toxins? While sustaining a clean, substantial and healthy diet, using a smoothie as an early-start breakfast or snack satisfies our hunger and provides us with numerous vitamins and minerals without all the artificial and hormone-medalling ingredients and therefore preventing us from reaching for something else and consuming unwanted fat and calories.

Now, even with us eating as clean as possible we’re still exposed by thousands of man-made chemicals in today’s world, which then in turn leaves our body craving to ‘cleanse’. So by mixing that fruit and veg together for those that eat it five portions everyday already in a smoothie, how does that help us detox? Easy. The benefit of liquidising nutrients together is that we can also mix ingredients that we wouldn’t normally eat in our standard meals; such as chia seeds, flax seeds or even the dreaded veg like dandelion greens or kale that some find an effort to eat by themselves. With so many essential nutrients blended into one, our digestive system has a much simpler job to do leaving us feel energetic and empowered as we simultaneously consume abundant dietary fiber to ensure tip-top digestion.

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