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As a ‘Results Orientated’ Fitness Academy, we are passionate about every single member achieving his or her personal goal, whether it’s to lose inches or even prep fitness levels for a challenge or event. Here are a few who wanted to share their current experience at Revolution Fitness Academy…

Carl Parnell

I started 3 months ago after yo-yo dieting alongside different gym programmes. and Wow! 12 weeks in and I’m fitter, stronger, more flexible and am more self confident. I’ve lost weight yet have gained muscle changing my entire physique. The support and knowledge is un rivaled. Sign up if you want to change your whole….

Sarah Harris

I’ve been a member of the academy now for over a year and what a difference a year makes .. 3 stone lighter, happier, fitter and healthier! These guys have changed me life! I now think about food in a completely different way and wouldn’t want it any different. If anyone is thinking about coming on board to join this amazing group DO IT…..

Lisa Andrews

What a great academy! The encouragement from the trainers and other members is amazing. I have been attending since September 2014 with the view to improve my fitness and the results? I am so much fitter than I ever thought I could be, lost fat and gained muscle. I have already knocked ten minutes off a run and to top it off…..

Lucie Rose Ellis

Coming to the academy is the single best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Training with them is life changing. The coaches are brilliant, very knowledgeable in every aspect of fitness and nutrition and possibly the most positive and motivational people I’ve ever met!! I’ve turned my whole life…..

Steve Turpie

Adam and the team at Revolution Fitness have built an incredible model that is completely different to anything else like this I have been to. This is not a Gym! This is personal training, with nutritional advice, with constant motivation a very personal service and a great community of friendly, like….

Lesley Ryland

Revolution Fitness Academy…… It does what it says on the tin! I have been a member at one gym or another all my life and at 51 I can honestly say the Academy has changed my life, my outlook on life, my attitude to health and fitness and given me a complete understanding of my own body boundaries……

Andrew Stewart

Joined 8 weeks ago and have lost 23 pounds of fat & gained 2 pounds muscle. I’m fitter, healthier & above all happier! Its hard work but you get the results if you want them enough!! The team are fantastic, completely supportive and the classes are so varied you never get bored….

Rickie Zayee

The best thing I ever did. Awesome trainers with support outside the gym as well as in it, a great clean eating regime that never felt like a diet and a fabulous group of people who are all supportive and encouraging. No snooty lycra clad bunnies here looking down their noses at you…..

Amanda Coltman

I found myself unexpectedly living in Bury after having to move in with family due to a fire at my house which left us pretty much homeless. So i was fed up , stressed , eating rubbish, (which made me feel rubbish) and not really exercising. I knew i needed to get back on track…..

Pam Garrad

I am so pleased I joined the friendliest and best result driven training Academy in Bury St Edmunds……

Sophie Palmer

Was the best decision I made for myself and my family! No looking back! Excited for my slimmer future!….

Debbie Banks

After not exercising for about 5 years, Revolution Fitness has defiantly brought the ‘fun – but work hard…..

Poppy Adams

Truly being able to explain how life changing revolution is, is a task in itself. For me along with the amazing sessions, the flawless meal plans and the supportive team, I feel my whole life has turned a massive corner. Through my first few weeks I’ve made new friends, through the support on Facebook and…….

Shannon Armstrong

When I stared I was 20 years old 5ft 1 and weight around 10st.7lb. I joined because I wanted to get in shape for my big sister’s wedding. I had just 9 weeks to do that and I did, I lost 10% body fat, a stone in weight and 4 inches off my waist. Here’s what I think about revolution fitness academy. The Trainers….

Helen Hope

Everyone’s fitness journey is different and individual. Everyone has their own personal goals. Some just want to lose weight and get rid of that muffin top, some have achieved that and are taking it to the next level. For me it has been a complete life changer. I have always been someone that has used gyms and…..

Jean Glasgow

I would really recommend this place if you are ready to change your body and mind, all you need to do is listen to the advice, guidance and importantly be ready to accept their help. You have an informal but thorough assessment of you current state of health and what you would like to achieve.

Hannah Clark

I did the 2014 Virgin London Marathon so after 6 months of running, I was ready for the gym, wanting to focus on strength and toning. I knew I wanted something more than the usual gym arrangement where I’d sign up and after an initial burst of interest I’d end up going maybe once a month, which made for an expensive cost per visit to the gym!

Gemma Boughen

Fitter, stronger, healthier, leaner and more toned than I have ever been in my life. 18 months on and I’m still maintaining the amazing results I achieved within my first 3 months at the academy. I have been transformed forever and I am super happy, thanks guys 🙂

Lyn Stanway

Following years of being in the gym and losing my gym buddy in the most horrific way finding my way back to the gym was a painful process hence the years of solitary Insanity!
However from small acorns in the early days with Liam massive significant changes in my mental and physical attitude have….

Debbie Roberts

My story so far…….. Over the past few years I have been totally immersed in my work which is 7 days a week, all split shifts, frequently starting at 5am and not finishing until 8pm. I have a husband who works long hours so our evening meal was eaten at 8:30pm / 9pm accompanied by a glass or two of wine and then straight to bed.

Ross Dawson

When I joined Revolution Fitness I had been steadily losing weight by adjusting my diet but never really stuck to it for any length of time. 2 steps forward 1 step back springs to mind! After the initial meeting with Adam, the 2 week Detox, the first weeks of sessions I could tell that this was going to be the perfect way to achieve my goals.

Rachel Bowen

I’ve always been reasonably fit. I played sports for my school and university and kept it up after finishing my studies. However over the last few years i’d let my fitness slip and following a tough 2014 I started the new year heavier than I’d ever been. It took me a while to realise i wasn’t happy, so I started watching what I ate…..

Rebecca Houghton

I started my membership with Revolution Fitness in October 2015. In 2013 I started to feel unwell and after several blood tests, I was told that I had Glandular Fever and was in danger of my spleen swelling. I had been at university for about six months and I was part of Manchester University Boat Club, which involved frequent, intense training sessions.

Ian Chapman

I joined revolution fitness 9 months ago. I had a background in  triathlon, but years of long hours training without any strength work took their toll and I`d been increasingly troubled by a bad back, and was getting random painful back spasm doing simple bends to pick things off the floor, getting out of the car,or playing with my children.

Nicola Mottram

I came to Revolution Fitness Academy in a bad way!  Physically I was unfit, overweight, with high BMI, Cholesterol and Visceral Fat Levels.  Emotionally I was not much better and was comfort eating at night.  I was disgusted at myself but seemed too much in a rut to change….

Lucy Brueton

I have always struggled with my weight and even more so my motivation and will power to say no to bad food and get my self to the gym. It’s just wouldn’t click into place for me. Adam knew I was really struggling and was desperate for help so for 30 days I sent him a picture of my three….

Hayley Painter

If you had asked any of my friends if I enjoyed exercise they would have laughed in your face. One friend still names walking into the gym and seeing me on an exercise bike the most shocking moment of her life! I’m not a natural athlete and I count chocolate as one of my main food groups. 

Liz Proctor

When I got asked to write a testimonial on how and what Revolution Fitness has done for me I jumped to the chance to share my story…..

Yasmine Tate

Before I started at rev fit, I was extremely unhappy with my body. I was over weight and constantly on a ‘diet’ that I repeatedly fell off….

Emily Skinner

I will never look back! It was the best decision I ever made joining Revolution Fitness Academy! 


Since joining  Rev-Fit I’ve managed to maintain a tidy size 8, But most importantly, I’m happy!

Melanie Vaul

After losing 5 stone on my own dieting and attending a ladies’ only gym I needed a new challenge….

Helen Clench

So after moving to Bury and struggling to find a new gym that I enjoyed, I had totally lost my way and routine of exercise and healthy eating….

Tracey Garnham

In April 2015 after experiencing severe muscular pain which caused every day movement and sleeping impossible I was diagnosed with poly myalgia rheumatic…

Josh Harden

My wife and I just finished nearly a year of training with Revolution Fitness and we LOVED it!

Debbie Roberts

So I felt it’s was time for an update as 8th June marks my 1st Anniversary with Revolution Fitness Academy. Where was I this time last year?

Lisa Jennings

I joined the academy 18 months ago, having hit 13 stone, despite running regularly, as a side-effect to the high amount I travel with my job….

James Stott

To any body who is considering joining Revolution Fitness and is wondering what sets them apart from the rest…..

Ashley Jackson

“Okay, here goes I just wanted to say a few words about Rev, where I was, how I found you and what it means to me now. I do waffle on so apologies in advance!

Rob Peachey

Over the past 10 years I have been a member of 6 gyms, at 3 of those gyms I had sessions with expensive personal trainers, the result… I put on more weight, felt a failure and hating looking in the mirror or buying new clothes in a shop.

Sarah Bowie

After years of bad eating habits and slowly putting on weight I fell pregnant with my first child. I gained 4 stone during the pregnancy as I lost all desire to look after myself as I waddled around proudly displaying a rather rotund baby bump….

Antonia King

Forced to give up exercise after lower back pain became too much 18 months ago. I came to terms with the loss of tone and shape…..

Amanda Turnbow

I had been living in Japan for 12 years fitness and healthy eating had always been a big part of my daily life..

Spence Moore

I have only been a member for a couple months now, but I can honestly say, this is the best decision I’ve made regarding my health and fitness….

Caroline Cotterell

Why did I join Rev fitness, I had gained weight, was a member of two gyms and was doing 5/6 sessions a week to try and lose the weight and tone up……

Derrick Dougan

“Dad Bod to Dad God” – The goals of the individual members are just as important to the instructors and that really shows from the moment you meet them….

Christine Taylor

So 4 months ago I could always find an excuse not to exercise or go to the gym, my diet always started on a Monday and was lucky to make it past Tuesday…..

Lorna Bell

Why have I stayed at Revolution Fitness Academy for nearly 2 and half years despite hitting my goal after 3/4 months?……

Becky Harvey-Evers

Friendly, focussed and ever evolving are just three phrases id use to describe rev. The team are always professional but personal. It’s like one big family…..

Lesley Ryland

I have been a member at Rev Fit now for over 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding and beneficial part of my life……

Andy Stewart

Revolution isnt just a “gym” …. its a way of life, and it has totally transformed my life!! I eat healthy now, I train hard……

Lyn Stanway

I joined Rev almost 3 years ago. Although I had been a gym monkey for many years I had lost my mojo!…..

Giles Arbon

I’ve been trough several episodes of going to gyms and trying to fight off the flab and strengthen my core muscle groups on my own…….

Henry Brewis

I have been overweight most of my working life and have suffered from some degree of Asthma most of that time…….

Claire Whatley

I was expecting to shift a few pounds – at 2 months in I have lost so much I’m now the lightest I’ve been in over 7 years – 1/2 a stone lighter than my (first) pre-pregnancy weight…..

Carol Cordell

Testimonial from a self-confessed 50+ year old habitual gym non attender! Having been a member of several gyms in Bury in the past and had a personal trainer for a while…

Jon Dyer

So, Adam wants a testimonial.  He claims he’ll publish whatever I write – good or bad. Adam is a very confident man…

Jan Dalby

When I joined RevFit in 2014 I was living in Feltwell Norfolk. It was a long drive for that 7.15am class…..

Caroline Cundall-Curry

Health and personal fitness has always been important to me….

Rebecca Richardson

I have been at Revolution fitness for three months now and I started here at a pretty high level of fitness….

Angie Johnson

Emily asked me to write a testimonial about my last few months at Rev Fit. At first I thought it would be easy, but I found it much more difficult to actually put into words how I felt about my transformation….

Sarah & John Flack

If we don’t say it enough, thank you for all of your support so far. Writing this has made us both remember how grateful we are for the changes you have supported us in making. Mushy bit over… here you go…

Sharon Perry

Having competed at national and international level as a master’s athlete in swimming and triathlon, I was left in a bit of a mess following the diagnosis of some reasonably life changing chronic….

Marcella Dugan

Well I never thought that I would get far enough to be asked to write a testimonial and there is only one reason I’ve made it and that is honestly down to the coaches!….

Gemma Jamison

I used to have a love-hate relationship with gyms. I knew I should go, I enjoyed the feeling of being fitter and more active, but my problem was I found gyms mind-numbingly boring…


I don’t tend to write blogs or posts, however I wanted to share the story of my slightly turbulent journey this year regarding my fitness. I look back to January, it was the new yea….




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