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I don’t tend to write blogs or posts, however I wanted to share the story of my slightly turbulent journey this year regarding my fitness. I look back to January, it was the new year and I had read through, and begun the phased diet plan with Revolution. This meant cutting out a lot of the things I enjoy in life; carbs (the refined kind), sugar, dairy… but on top of this I made the decision to stop smoking and also stop drinking which makes up the majority of my social life. I started going to the gym five or six times a week, fueled myself with all the nutrients I could, and at first, I felt great. As the weeks went on though, I kept getting on the scales each day and there was no change, still the same weight.

It must have been around 6 weeks and mentally I was in a bad place, I had tried so hard and focused even harder on the weight loss which I believed I was supposed to have achieved. It was a Wednesday session with Adam White, and I remember the whole session I just felt angry, to the point where I left the gym that evening and in my mind, I was thinking, what the f**k am I even doing this for. I gave Adam Prescott a call and basically told him that the gym sucked and I wasn’t getting the support I needed, I hadn’t made any progress and I was going to leave.

Adam was very understanding and he asked me if I’d shared my thoughts with the coaches or asked them any questions about diet, exercise etc. And in all honesty, no I hadn’t. We must have spoken for about half an hour on the phone and after knowing how I felt we developed an action plan to get me back on track. Each Rev coach was made aware of how I was feeling and the level of support and empathy was amazing. One thing I was told to stop doing was weighing myself. I was messaged by three coaches more than once a day encouraging me to send food pictures and ask me how I’m feeling. Within a week or so I had managed to get back on track with everything. This has been the case now for about 5 weeks and my outlook on my overall fitness is completely different, I don’t eat well and exercise to obtain a physique that I believe society expects me to have. I do it for me, my health, the way I feel, the energy boost. And I feel great!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t just focus on weight loss to look good, focus on feeling good. Be proud of the body you have, and the results will follow.

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