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The 9th July … What’s it all about!?

The 9th July What’s it all about!?


Okay, so you must’ve seen or heard that something extra-ordinary is happening on Saturday 9th July in Charter Square, The Arc, Bury St Edmunds? We’ve plastered your facebook feed, had a cheeky snap in the local paper and have been re-tweeted so many times that birds are pecking at the Studio door!



‘But what’s with all this hype?’ I hear you say …


Well it’s the first time anyone in Bury has dared the Military to a series of three challenges… Two of which that our Rev.Fitness Coaches have formulated, and one mystery event that’s been devised by J C McCallion, 6 Regiment Army Air Corps.


‘Okay, that’s pretty cool, but what’s it in aid of?’ I hear you say …


Well what better way to launch the Bury Festival of Sport? The festival involves eight days of different sports to help make Suffolk the most active county in England! It’s organised by a partnership which includes Ourburystedmunds, Abbeycroft Leisure, St Edmundsbury borough and Suffolk county councils and Suffolk Sport.


In addition to this fantastic opportunity we’re also raising money for the AFSKP and Brightstars Charities.


AFSKP is a charity to help promote and support young people to reach their full potential by using experiential models of learning to engage them in life skills training programmes. These will then enable them to get back into mainstream education, training or future employment.


Brightstars is a local Saturday play group founded by two Rev.Fit members; Steve and Paula Turpie. Located at Riverwalk School in Bury St Edmunds, Brightstars is a charity for children and young people with additional needs sanctioning a morning of respite for family and carer’s, but most of all a time for fun and enjoyment in a safe supportive and structured environment.


‘WOW! What time does it all kick off?’


Well we have jam-packed day from 9am – 5pm!  


The day jumps off with some light-hearted Rev.Fit Sessions to show case what we are all about – so be sure to join in and give it a go! We then branch off into the first two events where our coaches will be taking on the Military in mentally and physically tough tasks. The first one being a Car Push and Pull. Each member must pull the car from on marker to the other across the arena, sprint back, complete 20 Burpees, Sprint back to the car and push the car back to the opposite marker THREE TIMES! The second event consists of the ‘Barbell-Barrow’. The first team member acts as a wheelbarrow using the Barbell supplied as a wheel. Team member number two, picks up and holds the ankles of team member 1 – pushing the ‘wheelbarrow’ as it were for one length of the arena. While maintaining their position, team member 1 will complete 15 push ups – chest to bar to then be pulled back to the starting position to swap positions. Think that’s tough? There’s a second phase!  Each team must choose two ‘lungers’ and two ‘piggies’. The ‘piggies’ are to hop on to the shoulders for the lungers where they will then complete two lengths of lunge walks with them on their shoulders.


Throughout the day, the one and only Paul Hubbard from Rolfes’ Butchers in Walsham, will be cooking up some tasty Revolution approved snacks to keep our hunger at bay … some of which will be including those much loved Rev Burgers and Sausages. Yummy!!!


All members of the public are free to come over to our Rev-Tent for FREE nutrition and movement advice all day long …


It doesn’t stop there! There will also be entertainment from balloon twisting to face painting to keep the day as fun filled as we can.


Oh and one more thing! We’ll let you in to a little secret … Whisper ‘Revolution’ within the Apex, and you’ll receive 10% off all drinks throughout the day!


We can’t wait for Saturday and hope to do you all proud!

The Rev.Fit Team.

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