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The Dreaded Treadmill …

As a member of Rev, I bet you all have grown NOT to love the tedious cardio side of exercise. Am I right? Remember the days when you were a part of the local Gym, and all you felt comfortable doing was an inclined walk or a jog for 45 minutes or so before you got bored and headed home? Well, I’m writing a different kind of blog this week … A blog that when you’re on holiday away from Revolution Fitness and all the Hotel has to offer is the basic Treadmill…

First thing’s first. I’m definitely not going to include a 10 mile Run programme for you to do. That’s enough for even myself (who LOVES running) to stick up my middle finger at. However, the Treadmill does have benefits, for example; not needing hours of Coach led technique, allowing yourself to change speed and incline with a switch of a button, and being able to monitor the changes and improvements within your speed easily.

So Why Do We Hate The Treadmill?

Well, boredom has a lot to do with it! Running without actually going anywhere can be monotonous; mix that with the lack of scenery indoors, and you’ve got a combination that can make long runs seem even longer resulting in it being VERY easy to just give up and go home! The Treadmill has had a bed reputation ever since the 19th Century, where Treadmill like machines were used as hard labour punishment in prisons. Maybe subconsciously we’re now wired to think that they’re meant to be boring and mind-numbing!? .. Okay; Now I even know that I’m thinking way too much into this! Whoops! 🙈

What To Remember Before We Start

When we first start out, we can make ourselves uncomfortable with pace or incline and therefore inputting fear in our minds that we may fall off the edge! So … when we try again, we must choose the correct pace, and most of all be aware of the space available on the belt. This is the most common reason why some are afraid of slipping off the back, as it translates into people running with their torsos almost pressed against the front of the treadmill while they have around 4 feet of room on the belt behind them. Running so close to the front of the treadmill prevents a natural arm movement and then disrupts the running stride.

Rev’s Top Tips To Rekindle That Love With the Treadmill.

Interval Training:

Unlike running on the track, or even around the block, Interval training on the treadmill allows you to be more in control of your pacing and allows you to create even more of a challenge down the road by training with an incline. To make life even easier, some Treadmills may even have an Interval setting built in where it does everything for you!


The Incline can also be used as the main option for Intervals, allowing you to create your own high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout by playing around with the different levels of gradient in which your running or even walking on! Just remember – DO NOT hold on to the sides! This defeats the whole objective of using the incline!

Make Use Of The Entertainment!

This is my fave! Most of you have already seen me catch up on this year’s Love Island a few months ago while I was on the resistance bike, and my god – did the time fly by! Having a playlist or setting aside a few Netflix shows that you only watch while on the treadmill can help those who prefer a distraction while running. Even more, there’s loads of app’s out there that adjusts your music based on your pace and tempo that can keep you running strong through your entire workout!?


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