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The Importance of Sleep

We all know that sleep is a necessity. It gives your brain a good clear out, and prepares you for the following day, basically using it as a method to clean itself. How? Well, the Glymphatic system is highly active during sleep, clearing away any toxins that could build up and trigger neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Ahh .. I see …. So that’s why we sleep almost half of the day!

But what happens if you don’t feel ready and raring for the day, and find yourself dreading the day ahead of you after a so-called 8 hours of sleep’?

Well, these factors could be to blame…


Without sufficient fluid intake, blood pressure drops, slowing delivery of oxygen to the brain, which can leave you feeling flat out. So if you’re still tired after sleeping 8 hours you may need to up your H2O! The amount of fluid needed depends on yourself, as an individual, but the government does recommend between six and eight glasses of water-based drinks  – including tea and coffee, are to be consumed.

Your Thyroid Gland.

Ever heard of Hypothyroidism? It’s a condition when the gland (the thyroid) that produces hormones to control sleepiness and hunger, isn’t performing as it should as is classed as ‘underactive’.

Believe it or not, an underactive Thyroid is actually a common cause of over-sleeping yet still feeling sluggish when waking up. However, this condition is hard to diagnose without a Doctor and numerous tests.


Are you one of the many; that reach for a glass of wine after a hard day’s work between three to four times a week to help you relax and unwind? Yes, alcohol can help you relax initially, it can also compromise your sleep quality, even if you are getting the recommended 7-8hours per night!. Why? Well, the chemicals within alcohol actually prevents you from entering deep sleep, therefore disrupting your sleep cycle completely….Step away from the vino!


Yes, an afternoon nanny-nap can refresh you after an afternoon slump, but the duration of your downtime is crucial. Any longer than a 30 minute nap can lead to a deep REM cycle, leaving you feel groggy if you wake up mid sleep-cycle.

Your Overall Mood.

Depression is unfortunately, a very common disease, in which can very often cause tiredness. However, depression doesn’t actually make you sleep more, it just makes it tough for an individual to get out of bed in the morning, and lacking the energy to face the day ahead, possibly leading to excess sleep.

Mineral Deficiency.

There’s a reason why AP backs the foods rich in Magnesium and the supplement itself so much, and why we recommend it within our re-boot! It plays a vital role in maintaining blood glucose levels, muscle health and concentration so a lack of it can leave you feeling lethargic and sleepy.









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