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Two Foods That You May Think Are Healthy, Yet AREN’T!

Okay, so you don’t eat chocolate anymore, but you what if you’ve replaced it with something that you may have thought relatively ‘healthy’, but actually the snacking on these two bad boys aren’t actually doing anything for you!?

Rice Cakes.

Yes, they may be versatile, and low-calorie, but, they also lack nutritional substance with low fibre content, low protein and rather high in carbohydrates! Each rice cake is 80% carbs, which compared to a 170g potato that has only 23% is considerably high! We all know that a diet high in carbs make us feel sluggish and bloated which can trigger inflammation so why do it to yourself!? If you really need a ‘carb-fix’, why not try a slice of rye bread with a layer of almond or cashew butter on the top? Incredibly tasty, yet better for that gut of ours!

‘Healthy’ Snack Bars.

Snack bars are packed with sugar, salt and fat, so maybe you’ve swapped to the ‘Eat Naturals’ for even ‘Nakds’ bars? Yes, they’re better than the Nutri Grain or Brunch bars, however eat with caution!. These alternative options are based on 100% fruit which is a significant concentrated source of natural sugars, and when eaten in excess can lead to weight gain as well as damaging our those pearly whites of ours! Watch out for those dried fruits hidden in an assorted nut mix too, they may be hidden with tons of preservatives! I say grab a fresh apple instead!

Food for thought ‘ey!?

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