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Who and What Are We…

Revolution Fitness is a new breed of health system.

Our focus is on improving your health, confidence, confidence with nutrition, longevity and ultimately your happiness.

Too many people struggle with their health, self-worth and body image. We believe people frequently seek out solutions to the way they are feeling in a time of desperation and confusion which can lead to further long term unhappiness and never solve the initial cause of the problem of being educated on the effects of correct nutrition and exercise on their health, both mentally and physically.

We believe that your health is like a jigsaw puzzle; When you first empty that box and see all those pieces scattered out in front of you, anxiety and confusion are common, but we show how to get started.

We show you how to aline the pieces, and which ones to start with.

The thing with a jigsaw puzzle is, no matter how brilliant the picture, it doesn’t look the same unless all the pieces are present and in the right place.

We focus on educating you and challenging you to grow as we guide you through the mine field of today’s misinformed health industry.

We don’t only want you to reach your aesthetic goal; we want you to understand your body, increase your longevity and feel great for the rest of your days.

Fat loss is not a mythical deity you have to pray to and hope it responds; it is a combination of nutrition, exercise and relaxing.

For those of you around the area of Suffolk in the United Kingdom, we suggest you check out our Revolution Fitness Academy, a lifestyle integration health and support system, and the first of its kind.

For those of you outside of Suffolk and the UK, check out our online nutrition to start your first step towards, feeling great, understanding your body and escaping food prison.

Welcome to Revolution Fitness 🙂