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Where Does Our Fat Go When We Lose Weight!?

Good riddance! Don’t lie; we’ve all thought this, and I’m pretty sure we don’t ‘actually care when we start looking good by losing those extra few pounds, but where does that spare fat actually go? Well It’s actually quite simple, and believe it or not; we breathe it out! However, even though the fat cells shrink in size, they don’t actually disappear all together, which nine times out of ten is the reason why we can put it back on so much easier if we don’t sustain our clean eating and regular exercise.


How do we breathe out our Fat?

It actually makes perfect sense. The more carbon dioxide we exhale, the more fat we lose. When we burn fat, (or a molecule of triglyceride for a more scientific term,) we in turn produce water, carbon dioxide and energy. And get this – Adam Prescott himself knows the formula of this process off by heart! #sciencenerd. So, for those of you that wish to test him next time you’re at his sessions here it is: C55H104O6+78O2 55CO2+52H2O+ENERGY. To put this equation in more simpler terms, it ‘decodes’ as it were, by taking 29 kg of oxygen to produce 28 kg of carbon dioxide and 11 kg of water after oxidising 10 kg of human fat. Resulting in us breathing out most of the fat we lose, and eliminating the excess water through sweating, and urinating. This is why those who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with clean eating, tend to lose more fat than those who just ‘diet’ (the dreaded word) alone.


What happens to our Fat Cells?

Unfortunately, I hate to say it, but fat cells never disappear from the body! They expand or shrink according to our energy input compared with your energy output. So, without a balanced nutritional consumption, our fat cells will grow with us overeating, and shrink when we’re either undereating or burning them off through exercise. Now, those who are, or have been significantly overweight, have more fat cells in their body and those cells love to store any excess fat they can get! BUT … by building muscle through strength exercises and Rev-training, it ensures our body to use more energy throughout the day. Why? Because muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells! HOOORAHH! So, the more muscle we build the more fat we shed!


Taking Control ..

Getting and staying active is the best way to reduce fat and keep it off. Remember, fat loss means clean eating, breathing more and building muscle. Organise yourself by booking your Rev-sessions weekly and sticking to them!

If you want it – You need to work for it!

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