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Why Do We Exercise…?


So let’s be honest. We all joined the Academy to either ‘lose or maintain weight’, increase strength or to ‘tone up’. But have you ever thought about training without the meaning of ‘weight’ associated to it? Sometimes we all forget about the other reasons exercise benefits us.

We’ve all been there; either a victim or a perpetrator ‘You’re already skinny so you don’t have to exercise’ or ‘Don’t you have better things to do?’ Believe it or not – Not all of us quite understand what and how any form of exercise can actually change someone’s outlook and lifestyle for the better. But that’s not a fault on anyone’s part, sometimes it’s simply because the reasons behind exercise isn’t fully understood.

So even if you’re at that hopeful stage where you love your body and physique how it is, just read on and maybe you’ll think again about missing that ‘odd’ session.

Mood and Wellbeing
We’ve all heard it before; but exercise really does cause your body to release “feel good” chemicals called endorphins, which explains that ‘high’ that you feel after you’ve experienced that ‘Adam Prescott Special’!! While the thought of doing burpees after a long and tough day may not sound like your idea of fun, even just a 5 minute workout can help you feel so much better after you are done.

If you’re one of those people that worry about the day ahead and then bring even more of that worry home with you, exercise is the answer alleviating the tension and hassle. So instead of letting it get on top of you, just get sweaty in a Rev-Fit session and watch your mood improve … and not just for the short term! It’s proven that if continued, exercise will improve the way you handle stress, as when we do exercise we place the body under a small amount of stress and as we continue, regular exposure to this may help to increase your ability to cope with the much larger stresses that life may throw at you. So, next time if you are feeling agitated or on-edge, book a session or bust out a few squats in the living room! J

So we’ve all heard that those that are generally active, live longer than those who aren’t. But it’s also known to improve the quality of life as well. Stronger bones can be a result of any weight bearing training such as cardio and resistance training, both of which has been proved to help strengthen bones and preventing further problems in life such as Arthritis and Osteoporosis. As well as our bones, our Heart is also strengthened reducing the risk of heart disease. So even just by increasing the number of steps you take in the day can make the ol’ ticker stonger!

My favourite and by far the most important point! As the four boys always say ‘It’s how you feel rather than how you think you look or even what the scales say.’ I think I can speak for most of the Academy that the main reason we attend these gruelling sessions is from the rollercoaster of emotions we get from it, but if we’re constantly focused on achieving that ‘Beyonce’ Booty’ then it’s inevitably that negative feelings towards exercise at some point or another will be experienced. As we all know, making it through an ‘AP Monday Workout’ gives us that sense of empowerment like no other. If we can take on his session we can take on anything! Exercise makes us feel worthy and gives us that stability and routine we grow to adore, not to mention that post-workout feeling! Yes, we can press ‘snooze’ several times after our alarm goes off, but is that better than the endless amount of energy we’d receive from a 45 minute ‘sweat-sesh!?’

So all in all, yes – we exercise to look good, but just think what else we’re getting from it all …

Emily x

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