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Why Don’t We Eat More Of This Stuff!?

What has more protein in it than red meat?

What has more calcium than milk?

What has been used as a super food by the Japanese for thousands of years?

The Answer …?? SEAWEED!

And guess what!? There’s not just one type of Seaweed. Nope … Have a read of the different types of Seaweed and their benefits in this week’s #RevBlog


Wakame is rich in a compound called ‘Fucoxanthin’, which has shown to help burn fatty tissue. To really release the nutritional benefits, soak it in water or miso soup.

Oh, and this is one of the best seaweeds for your skin! Just make sure you ingest it and not rub it all over your face! You may smell a bit funky! J


This seaweed contains huge amounts of iodine and is a great source of dietary fibre, perfect if you’re trying to rid that mentality of hunger when you’ve just ate a full plate of nutritional goodness.


The Seaweed for the hair! It actually kinda’ looks a tad like tea, but very salty! Make sure you soak it in water for 30 minutes before you use it, and then can be made into a side dish with a bit of soy sauce, rice and chili, amazing with white fish or even in a homemade carrot salad! Yum!


Okay, so this seaweed is more like dust! Haha! But is perfect to use instead of salt on top of stir-fries or even steamed vegetables.


The seaweed of all seaweed’s! It’s packed FULL of protein and pretty much every vitamin and mineral you’d ever need! Why don’t you use this instead of bread and wrap it around a filling of your choice!?



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