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Work Experience and Apprenticeship Pathway.

You’re nothing but potential.

Our team at Rev. have a passion for showing young people the huge potential they have with-in themselves.

Too many young people feel directionless, without enthusiasm to push forward and unaware that they have the world at their feet…

Funnily enough, health and fitness isn’t our only focus…

Yes of course health and fitness is a natural dish served as part of becoming a Rev. Fit. Team member, and if your one of our apprentices we want to see that knowledge and understanding develop with our in house CPD scheme but…

Whether you join our work experience programme or our level 2 and 3 enhanced personal training apprenticeship scheme, our development model is designed to show to focus on the development of the individual.
Building a young persons confidence, enhancing their ability to communicate, showing the value in punctuality, responsibility and a hard work ethic, plus we spend time with each new member of our team to help them develop their ‘5 year plan’.

‘Where do you want to end up?’
‘How many paths could you take?’
‘What happens if you change you’re mind, where could you go?

Once you realise there are so many potions out there for you, with so many approaches and adventures you can find yourself on… How can you not get excited.

These developments skills, plans and personal enhance are useful in any industry.

Above all, we want to see every young person who joins our team to leave excited about the future with the confidence to pursuit it.

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